...tailored learning

Do you want to discover the world of photography and learn the tricks of the trade? Are you thinking of purchasing a camera or do you already have one, but you finally would like to understand the various settings and how to apply them correctly?


Both theory and "hands on practice" will be part of the exclusive ONE to ONE tailored courses. This will enable you to understand and experience the fascinating world of photography.


The FUNDAMENTALS need to be obtained first, in order to reach your "photo-goals". This will be the foundation on which all other skills can be build up on.


My SUPPORT is available in between each and every course.    

If requested, I will also assist and advise you on camera and equipment purchases .


The course can begin as soon as your desires and photography skill level is evaluated.

You get to choose the time/date and have the choice between a public location or conveniently at your home. 



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